Faces of HOPE

Imagine this is your family. 

  • Two loving parents with three beautiful children ages 3, 5, and 10 years old. 
  • Dad makes a living doing back-breaking work, scrubbing boats at a local marina.
  • Mom takes care of their young family and works part time. 
  • Your dilapidated mobile home needs extensive repairs but this is a luxury you can’t afford. 
  • You feel blessed to provide for your family and save a little each week when so many people are out of work. 

Suddenly, this beautiful family, teetering on the brink of poverty, plunges deeply into its midst when Dad is laid off.  How could this happen when he’s worked for this company for years?


Your savings help you survive while you search frantically for a new job.  Hope begins to fade.   There are few jobs available and so many looking for work.  Terror grabs hold of you as you run out of money. 

  • How will you feed your children? 
  • What will happen to them when you lose the safety of your home? 
  • Will the authorities take your babies away if you become homeless?


This is what it feels like to be poor.  The terror of physical insecurity gnaws at your gut.  You feel like a failure because your children cry out with hunger and there’s nothing you can do about it.


Fortunately for this family, they found HOPE Outreach Center where they received food, encouragement, and referrals to help them get back on their feet.  HOPE helped them repair their trailer by connecting them to refurbishing programs offered by other agencies.


We’re happy to report that both parents have found work again.  The bad news is that together they now earn less than Dad earned at his previous job.  Yet, they are grateful for the blessing of the love and care they received at HOPE.

This story is of "Veronikha"


Picture this.

  • Your wedding day ushered in dreams of your "happily ever after" but things didn’t work out.
  • After suffering years of physical abuse you courageously gathered your children and ran! 
  • Now you are a divorced, single mother, struggling to make ends meet.
  • Your ex-husband does not pay child-support but you are thankful you can provide for them.
  • Life is difficult but your children’s love gives you the strength to survive. 


Then the unthinkable happens.  You are laid off from your job and out of work for eight months.  Savings, tax refunds, and unemployment compensation help you to survive but they are not enough.  You fall behind on your rent and face eviction.


What will you do now?  Sometimes all you can do is pray.


This is what it feels like to be a battered woman, plunged into poverty by an abusive relationship compounded by an unexpected job loss.


Fortunately, “Veronica” found HOPE Outreach Center.  HOPE:

  • Counseled her so she could overcome her fear of her ex-husband’s threats and file for child support,
  • Referred her to Work Force One to help her find a job,
  • Paid for uniforms for her new job,
  • Helped her access Medicaid, food stamps, and supplementary assistance, and
  • Engaged St. Vincent de Paul to help her with past-due rent.

Veronica’s courage during adversity and assistance from HOPE helped this brave family return to self-sufficiency.  Today she works 40 hours per week at two permanent part-time jobs.  She doesn’t earn as much as she did before, but she is surviving with the help of government assistance.  She is still waiting for her Child Support case to be resolved.


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